As Washington Township continues to grow, economic development increases in importance. The Washington Township Advisory Board of Economic Development recommends you visit the following utilities web sites. These public utilities support the economic development of the community with unique products and services for the business community.

Atlantic City Electric 

Atlantic City Electric provides wholesale, industrial and large 
commercial customers within the deregulated energy marketplace. We build and own new power plants, called Mid-Merit units,that can quickly start and stop in response to changes in demand. A sophisticated power trading group sells the output from these power plants, improving reliability and offering more competitive pricing. 

To request additional information for your business please see Atlantic City Electric.

South Jersey Gas 

South Jersey Gas provides safe, efficient natural gas to over 290,000 customers in southern N.J. Our territory includes 112 municipalities and spans over 2,500 sq. miles. We serve residential, commercial and industrial customers in Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland, Salem, and parts of Gloucester, Burlington and Camden counties.

To request additional information for your business please see South Jersey Gas.

Commercial & Industrial Applicants

If you seek natural gas service for a commercial or industrial facility, please call our Marketing Department at (609) 561-9000. Our staff will be happy to explain the process, rate structures and answer any of your energy management questions. Due to its detailed nature, on-line forms for commercial and industrial customers are not available at this time.

Washington Township MUA

The Authority, a public body corporate and politic of the state of New Jersey, was created by virtue of an ordinance duly adopted on June 22, 1962 by the Township Council of the Township of Washington. The Authority was created for the purpose of construction and operating a sanitary sewerage system for the proper collection and disposal of certain sanitary sewerage and other wastes arising within the Township of Washington and a water distribution system within the Township of Washington.

For additional information please see their website at Washington Township MUA
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Comcast Cable TV, internet and phone service. Click here to be forwarded to the Xfinity website. 
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Verizon Fios TV, internet and phone service. Click here to be forwarded to the Verizon website.
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AT&T Phone service, internet and DIRECTV. Click here to be forwarded to the AT&T website.
dish network
Click here to be forwarded to the DISH website.

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