2017 Events and Activities

Progress in 2017 – Savings, Events, Roadwork and Golf

"With summer underway, I would like to highlight some of the community events along with some significant improvements in Washington Township. It is important to me that I follow through on the vision I have from my campaign for our community. While we are only six months in, residents and businesses have given us positive feedback and feel that the Township is moving in the right direction. The biggest accomplishment thus far was the 2017 municipal budget with no tax increase and improvements in municipal services. Other changes include improved banking, Internet, and Information Technology services that are at a reduced cost to the Township. We have established a Human Resources department to implement positive management strategies to provide the best possible service to our residents. The Shop Washington Township Program, which encourages residents to support local business while receiving property tax benefits, is moving forward. I would like to thank the Chamber of Commerce for their efforts to move this forward with our Administration.

I am also very proud of the many Community Outreach opportunities we have initiated. From the small-group budget workshops to “Coffee with the Mayor”, we have worked hard to create open lines of communication between the residents and our Administration. The Summer Concert and Movie Series has also kicked off, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy everything Washington Township and Washington Lake Park has to offer. Make sure to follow us on social media, such as our website and Facebook page, along with our new Instagram @washingtontownshipnj and Twitter @TwpNJ accounts, to stay up to date on all these events and ways to get involved!

Last but not least, you may have seen some renovations and improvements around town. Roadwork has been completed in several areas and is still being completed in many others. We also have several improvements in progress at our Washington Township Municipal Golf Course, which is a three-par nine-hole course, open to the public. Some of these improvements include upgrades to fencing, the course turf, and a new sign. I would like to thank the Township Public Works Department, as well as the Golf Course Superintendent, Anthony Benfield who oversees its management and maintenance. I am enthused about continuing to make improvements in Washington Township that the residents can benefit from and enjoy." -Mayor Gattinelli

golf course website
Golf Course website2
Movie Night (1)

July 4, 2017

"On July 4, I was happy to participate in our 4th of July parade and fireworks. Everything went smoothly and I would like to thank all who organized the event, along with the Washington Township Police Officers, Firemen, and EMS staff who worked or volunteered to make sure all attendees were safe and able to enjoy the parade. Also, a great thanks to those who donated their goods and services to contribute to the parade. We were interrupted with some rain, but that did not get in the way of our Township pride and celebrations. This Independence Day event was a perfect way to celebrate our country’s independence and our patriotism as a community. The feedback I heard as I greeted residents was extremely positive. I was lucky enough to hand out flags to our residents and candy to the kids, who were all enthusiastically celebrating. This is a tradition my Administration was proud to bring back after so many years. The amount of planning that went into the parade was evident from the extravagant floats, all the vendors/activities available to the residents and the significant turnout of residents, who brought their families and friends. I am also happy to announce that we came in under-budget for the entire event. I was happy to see all the dignitaries and residents who attended and would like to thank them for celebrating with us. This was an event that truly united the Township in our pride and patriotism, and we look forward to keeping this tradition alive in years to come."  -Mayor Gattinelli

4th of July 8
4th of July 9
4th of July 10
4th of July 3
4th of July 2
4th of July 7
4th of July 6
4th of July 4
4th of July
4th of July 5

June 24th and June 25th, 2017

"On June 24 and June 25, I attended the Fifth Annual Washington Lake Park Wine Festival. There was a great turnout of residents and non-residents alike. It was a beautiful couple of days to enjoy everything the park has to offer. There were 16 wineries present, along with food trucks and businesses that provided their delicious food and services to the public.  There were two local bands that performed: Stealing Savanah and Right Turn at 40. Residents and visitors brought friends and family who enjoyed the entertainment, wine and food. From edible items to jewelry, there were many choices that made this festival an exciting event. There were also bouncy houses and other activities to keep the kids occupied and entertained. We were happy to team with New Jersey Wine Events to hold this exciting event in Washington Lake Park." -Mayor Gattinelli

June 22, 2017

"On June 22, I sat down with some of Washington Township’s residents to discuss some topics over coffee. The conversations were extremely positive and gave me some further insight on the issues that are important to our residents. There were some constructive ideas and areas in which we can improve the Township. Some of the initiatives are already in process, so I was happy to see that we are working in the right direction. We also have some new ideas that we are looking to bring to fruition. I am looking forward to meeting more residents at the next Coffee with the Mayor meeting on Thursday, July 20th at 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM. These meet-and-greets give me the chance to hear constructive ideas that will contribute to making Washington Township a better place to live. If you are interested in meeting with me, please contact my Confidential Aide, Alicia Rotella to sign up at arotella@twp.washington.nj.us or 856-589-0520 x283." -Mayor Gattinelli

June 19, 2017

"The first annual Addiction Awareness and Remembrance Vigil was held on June 19. There was a sizeable turnout, which brought to light how many people this affects in our Township. It was rewarding to see the community come together in support of those fighting addiction and those who have lost loved ones to addiction. There were several emotional and moving moments as people told their stories. Various singers from several of Washington Township’s schools performed inspirational songs and a moment of silence was held. The lanterns made on Senior Service Day and candles were also utilized to help create special moments. We were fortunate enough to present a Remembrance Bench donated by my Administration and the Municipal Alliance, which will be placed in Washington Lake Park in remembrance of loved ones lost to addiction.

I was moved to see our community there to support each other, especially since most everyone knows someone who has been affected in some way or another by addiction. Dr. Baird, an ER physician from Kennedy Hospital related that there were about 3,000 people who came into the Emergency Room for drug treatment over the span of a year, which is why this is an important initiative. Police Chief Gurcsik also gave statistics and informed us that many heroin deaths go unreported or misreported because of the stigma. It is important to shed light on this problem so we can all better understand how to provide the necessary support to friends and loved ones. I was thankful to learn of the coaching and support available not only to those struggling with addiction, but to their families and those recovering as well. My heart goes out to those still struggling or recovering from addiction, and their families. Thank you to all who were involved in putting this event together, including the many generous sponsors and those who organized the details of the event. We will continue to hold this vigil each year to show support, bring awareness to this problem, and remember those lost to addiction." - Mayor Gattinelli

Vigil 4
Vigil 3
Vigil 2

June 15, 2017

"On June 15, I was proud to attend the Washington Township High School Graduation. There were several speakers who gave inspiring and encouraging messages for the graduates to take with them as they move on from high school. Senator Fred Madden, Assemblywoman Gabriela Mosquera and Washington Township’s School Administration attended the ceremony. Also in attendance were Township Councilpersons Angela Donato, Dana Pasqualone and Sean Longfellow. I was happy to have the opportunity to hand my son his diploma as he was graduating, along with the other Washington Township graduates. I am proud of each graduate for the hard work they have put in and wish them the best of luck as they move on to the many different endeavors they will pursue." - Mayor Gattinelli
Police Swear In

June 14, 2017

"On June 14, I had the honor of swearing in four new police officers for Washington Township. The swearing in ceremony was held in my office, where the families and friends of the new officers witnessed this proud moment. Three out of the four new officers have replaced officers who retired. Each of the police officers displayed commitment and dedication to our Township, and we would like to welcome Matthew Barnett, Devin Bauman, Rebecca Wood, and Nicholas Rojs to our police force. I would like to thank them for their commitment to Washington Township and wish them safe as they serve our community."  -Mayor Gattinelli

June 10, 2017

"On June 10, I attended the Flag Day ceremony at Washington Lake Park, where there was a demonstration of how to properly and respectfully put a retired American flag to rest. All Veterans organizations were invited, including American Legion and the VFW. The Veterans Affairs Advisory Board and Councilwoman Angela Donato were also in attendance. Jason Thorpe, the Eagle Scout who created the fire pit, spoke at the ceremony. This was a great way to celebrate Flag Day and to learn about the respect with which the American Flag must be treated."   -Mayor Gattinelli
Flag Day 1
Flag Day 2

June 9, 2017

"On June 9, I attended a ceremony for the Washington Township Ambulance and Rescue Association. Chief James Connor and I had the pleasure of speaking to reflect on its many years of service. We unveiled two new ambulances, which feature the latest in safety and technology to better serve our residents, their families and visitors. The EMS team attended, along with Police Chief Gurcsik, Fire Chief Dolgos and several veterans. Also on display was a vintage ambulance from 1964. It is important to reflect that what started as an all-volunteer squad has evolved into an around-the-clock career staff of approximately 30 Certified EMTs. They answer close to 6,000 emergency calls for service each year. Having completed their 60th year of service to the community, the Washington Township Ambulance and Rescue Association lives up to its motto, "Proud of our Heritage, Committed to the Future.”  -Mayor Gattinelli
Ambulance 1
Ambulance 2
Ambulance 3

June 2, 2017

"I was proud to be a part of the Washington Township High School’s Senior Service Day on Friday, June 2. I was lucky enough to participate in the service projects at Bells Elementary School and at the Fire Department. These projects involve young adults contributing to the community, as well as being wonderful role models for our younger students. One of the projects at the Fire Department involved the high school seniors helping to clean the firetrucks. The students also experienced some demonstrations with Chief Patrick Dolgos and the Fire Department to gain a better understanding of what the department goes through. Another initiative, organized by the Changing Our World (COW) Project, involved students creating lanterns to be used in a Candlelight Vigil. The lanterns were started by the middle school students and then were delivered to the elementary schools, where they were completed with the help of high school seniors. The lantern project is for the Candlelight Vigil in Washington Lake Park on Sunday, June 19 at 7:00 PM. The Vigil is to bring awareness to the issue of drug abuse, as well as to remember any family members and friends who have lost the battle to drug addiction. I am proud of all our students for having a hand in this project. I am pleased these students took the time to give back to the community and contribute to a good cause."  -Mayor Gattinelli
Fire Dept Service Project
Bells Service Project
Memorial Day Banner

May 29, 2017

"On Memorial Day, I attended the Washington Township Memorial Day Ceremony at All Veterans Park. Also in attendance were Senator Fred Madden, Assemblyman Paul Moriarty, Bob Timmons, members of the Veterans Advisory Board and the Washington Township Police Honor Guard. It was a beautiful ceremony that lasted approximately 90 minutes. Antonia Brunetti did a wonderful job singing the National Anthem. There was a ceremonious raising of the flag and moment of silence, among other presentations, to acknowledge the servicemen and women who contributed to our freedom. I was honored to be part of this ceremony to honor the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country."  -Mayor Gattinelli

May 24, 2017

"On Wednesday, May 24, I attended a banquet for the Washington Township High School students graduating with honors this year. I am proud of these students who prioritized and committed to their studies. The event began with the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Student Council member, Daniel McGee. This was followed by the National Anthem, which was beautifully sung by members of Washington Township High School’s choir. I thoroughly enjoyed guest speaker, Patrick Nelson’s inspirational and creative speech. I could tell the graduates and families in attendance appreciated his thoughtful and encouraging message. I was happy that all 164 honors graduates, several who I have known since they were young, were acknowledged for their remarkable academic achievements."  -Mayor Gattinelli
Military Hall of Honor

May 22, 2017

"I was honored and humbled to attend Washington Township’s Military Hall of Honor Induction Ceremony on Monday, May 22. There were twelve individuals inducted into the Hall of Honor who graduated from Washington Township High School in years past. The Inductees represented the United States Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Army National Guard, and the Air Force. State Senator Fred Madden was also in attendance, honoring these brave and loyal individuals. The Presentation of Colors was presented by Washington Township High School’s Air Force Junior ROTC and Evan Bittmann performed “Taps” after the moment of silence. The “Patriotic Medley” was performed by Antonia Brunetti, Madelyn Yerkes, Ryan Murray, and Marco Santos. I am proud that we have such dedicated people in the Township who have committed to serving our country and I was truly fortunate to witness them being honored for their service."  -Mayor Gattinelli

May 22, 2017

"On Monday, May 22, I was honored to attend Birches Elementary School for a Special Assembly recognizing 10 year old Dominic Bricker for his bravery. I felt humbled to read a special Proclamation on behalf of Washington Township declaring Dominic Bricker a “Hometown Hero”. Dominic displayed incredible wisdom and courage when he saved his five year old brother, Michael, from choking on a piece of candy by performing the Heimlich maneuver. Throughout the ceremony, it became evident that the bond between Dominic and Michael is very strong. As Dominic told his story, he was composed and well-spoken. He had seen the Heimlich maneuver on the television show “Psych” and acted quickly and instinctively to attempt the maneuver. After the candy as dislodged from Michael’s throat on the first try, Dominic and his family took Michael to the Emergency Room at Kennedy Hospital. Michael was then examined by Dr. Mary Kay Stailey-Sims, who also attended the assembly and spoke of how impressed she was by his decision-making skills and accuracy in performing the Heimlich maneuver. Others in attendance to honor Dominic’s courageous act were Principal of Birches School, Jessica Rose, Superintendent Joseph Bollendorf, Senator Fred Madden, Freeholder Heather Simmons, Chief of Operations of Washington Township Ambulance and Rescue Association, James Connor, and President of Gloucester County Hero Scholarship Fund, Michael T. McEnery. Following the awards, Maureen Green, RN, gave a demonstration of the Heimlich for all students. I am extremely proud of Dominic and the example he set for his classmates and our community. He demonstrated that the decisions they make can save a life and make a difference." -Mayor Gattinelli
Hometown Hero (1)

May 20, 2017

"On Saturday, May 20, I was happy to see so many residents attend the Super Saturday event. The community came together to celebrate everything Washington Township has to offer. There was plenty of food, rock-climbing, games, prizes, face-painting and more. Residents were able to enjoy the talented Washington Township High School marching band and color guard as they marched through the park. The Washington Township Fire District and Police Department passed out helmets and other gadgets for the children. The New Jersey State Police Helicopter landed on Field 7, followed by the WTPD K-9 demonstration. Vendors, Township businesses and organizations set up tents to sell their goods and give out information. The Township Scouts and the Toni and RJ Foundation Against Distracted Driving were a couple of the organizations that were in attendance. Master Ju’s Karate School, located in Washington Township, also did a karate demonstration and the NJ State Curling Club presented a curling demonstration. I would like to thank our Parks and Recreation and Public Works employees who helped make this event possible. A special thanks to our sponsors, including the Washington Township Sun for helping us continue this tradition."   -Mayor Gattinelli
Super Saturday Demo (1)
Super Saturday3
Super Saturday
Super Saturday 4
Super Saturday Matthew
Super Saturday 3
Salon Giovanna Marie Grand Opening

May 13, 2017

"On Saturday, May 13, Police Chief Patrick Gurcsik and I were invited to attend the Grand Opening of Salon Giavanna Marie by owners Robin and Louie Aquilino. Salon Giavanna Marie is located at 137 Egg Harbor Road in Sewell. I was very pleased to be involved in the ribbon cutting ceremony for this new business, especially considering the level of dedication that was shown by all who came out in the pouring rain to welcome this new business to Washington Township. After speaking with the owners of this salon, I learned they also own several other businesses in the Township. I am always happy to see businesses flourish within our Township. The Aquilino family is an example of how to cease upon the opportunities for business within Washington Township. I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Robin and Louie Aquilino and I wish them continued success with their new business and all of their businesses."     -Mayor Gattinelli

May 11, 2017

"On Thursday, May 11, the New Jersey 932nd AFJROTC Annual Final Awards Ceremony was held. There were 23 National Awards distributed, which included five Special and Local Awards. This is an incredible program for students to learn life skills and military science from certified and retired members of the Air Force. Its mission is “to build better citizens for America; teach practical arts (life skills) that will enable students to cope with the physical, mental, social and emotional rigors of life in high school, college and beyond; and to know the role and mission of the various branches of the military service.” Senior Aerospace Science Instructor, Lieutenant Colonel Beth Ann Lumpkin and Aerospace Science Instructors, Master Sergeant Jeffrey R. Hood and Master Sergeant Richard B. Harris determined which students qualified for each award. I was fortunate to be on hand for the award ceremony. JROTC holds these awards annually. I got an insider’s look at what goes into the program, including the history and science of flight, leadership education, drill and ceremonies. Congratulations to all who participated and I am proud of the students’ dedication to the program."  -Mayor Gattinelli

NJ 932nd AFJROTC Awards Ceremony May 11, 2017
Williams Syndrome Association Proclamation

April 26, 2017

"'Williams syndrome (WS) is a genetic condition that is present at birth and can affect anyone. It is characterized by medical problems, including cardiovascular disease, developmental delays, and learning challenges. These often occur side by side with striking verbal abilities, highly social personalities and an affinity for music.' (Williams Syndrome Association) It was brought to my attention by a loving mother whose child lives with Williams syndrome in our community. She has a passion for spreading awareness and requested that we proclaim the month of May as Williams Syndrome Awareness month in Washington Township. After learning about this rare syndrome which can cause medical and developmental complications, I thought this was a great idea. I have come to find out that although Williams syndrome is rare, occurring in 1 in 10,000 births, there are several families who have members of their family living with Williams Syndrome right here in Washington Township. I read the Proclamation at the last Council Meeting on April 26, 2017. Now, May is officially Williams Syndrome month! Informational handouts are available by contacting my assistant, Alicia Rotella at arotella@twp.washington.nj.us or by visiting the Williams Syndrome Association website."  -Mayor Gattinelli

April 23, 2017

"On Sunday, April 23, 2017, I was invited to take part in the Eagle Scout Court of Honor Induction Ceremony for Jason Thorpe. I was honored to receive the invitation from Jason’s mother and take part in the festivities. I got the chance to meet Jason and his family, along with some of the younger Boy Scouts present for Jason’s big day, who were eager and willing to share their excitement with me. They look up to Jason Thorpe as a role model and see what one is able to accomplish with hard work. I enjoyed listening to Jason’s speech and some of the other Scouts’ speeches, which were well thought out and articulate. Jason’s project for the Eagle Scouts was to build a ceremonial fire pit in Washington Lake Park for the Veteran’s Affairs Advisory Board of Washington Township. The fire pit is used to properly dispose of retired American flags. I was happy to hear that this is so important and personal to him, specifically because two of his great uncles were Veterans who served in World War II.  Also in attendance at the Induction Ceremony were New Jersey Senator Fred Madden and Mr. Bob Abbott, the Chair of our Veteran’s Affairs Advisory Board. I would like to thank Jason Thorpe, his family and friends, Mr. Abbott, Senator Madden, all the Scouts and the many others who attended this event to make the day special and meaningful for all involved."  -Mayor Gattinelli
Eagle Scouts

April 22, 2017

"There is yet another business I am happy to welcome to Washington Township, especially as the warm weather approaches! I attended the official Grand Opening of Stio’s Water Ice and Ice Cream on Saturday, April 22, 2017 and there was a great turnout of people who are enthusiastic about the business. The Stio family and the employees were welcoming and excited to share this day with me, Councilwoman Angela Donato, Councilman Sean Longfellow, and Chamber of Commerce member, Bob Timmons. The Stios were even so gracious to invite us to celebrate with lunch at their new neighbors’ restaurant, Luigi’s Pizza City, which is the perfect meal to enjoy before a water ice or ice cream! I enjoyed talking with the Stios and their employees on such a significant day. I would like to thank all of the people who attended this event, as well as the Stio family for inviting me to be a part of their Grand Opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony.  I wish them much luck and success with their new business!"  -Mayor Gattinelli
Noel and Nicky Stio
Stios Water Ice 2
Stio Ribbon Cutting 2
Stio Ribbon Cutting

April 10, 2017

"Monday, April 10th, I was present for the Second Annual Benefit for Distracted Driving Awareness Month.  This particular event took place at Adelphia in Deptford, New Jersey from 6:00 pm to 10:00 PM.  There was great food, dancing, prizes, as well as live entertainment.  All of the proceeds from the $25 donations will benefit the Toni & RJ Foundation Scholarship Program. I was happy to attend this important event to bring awareness to quite a wonderful cause.  This cause is to inform everyone the dangers of distracted driving.  Others in attendance were Councilwoman Angela Donato and Senate President, Steve Sweeney."  -Mayor Gattinelli
No Text and Drive Event
Shred Day

April 8, 2017

" On Saturday, April 8, 2017, I attended Shred Day at the Municipal Building.  Although it was a chilly morning, we had an amazing turn out!  It was wonderful to see so many residents taking advantage of this event.  I was very happy to participate and be involved in this project; I even brought some of my own papers to shred.  This event began at 9:00 AM and lasted until 12:00 PM.  I’m excited to report that we shredded 21,478 lbs. of paper!  That’s quite an amazing feat! I feel a great deal of satisfaction, knowing the residents of Washington Township are serious about recycling and GOING GREEN.  I would just like to extend a sincere 'thank you' to all of the residents that participated and attended this event."  -Mayor Gattinelli

April 1, 2017

"I attended the Grand Opening of EarthWise Pet at 245 Fries Mill Road in Turnersville, NJ. I was so glad to welcome yet another wonderful business to our town. EarthWise Pet uses all natural products when grooming pets. They have a spacious self-wash shower area for pets, providing ample space for what can be a messy task. My own puppy, Beau, was lucky enough to visit EarthWise Pet and I could tell he enjoyed the pet-friendly atmosphere. I am sure I can speak for anyone who cares for animals when I say that a top priority is making sure our animals feel comfortable. The employees at Earthwise Pet are generous and accommodating. They were giving nail clips for pets at the event to raise funds to provide pet oxygen masks for the Washington Township Fire Department firetrucks. Another admirable initiative they spearhead is teaming up with pet rescues and no-kill shelters to find animals a forever home. I am very happy to welcome this new business to our town and I wish it much success!" -Mayor Gattinelli

Earthwise 3

April 1, 2017

Saturday, April 1, 2017, Mayor Gattinelli attended the Grand Opening of our Community Garden, located in Washington Lake Park.  Although the clouds were hiding the sun and the wind was picking up, the opening went off without a hitch.  This event was especially exciting because it is something that will continue to bring our community together.  Residents are able to apply for a plot in the garden.  At this time, all eighteen plots are leased, but we would like for residents to keep applying so that they may be put on a waiting list for the future.

We look forward to seeing all of the wonderful crops and flowers that will continue to grow in our park.  We would like to extend a sincere thank you to our Environmental Commission and Open Space Advisory Committee for all of their efforts involved in this event.  
Community Garden 5
Community Garden 2
COW Project hoagie sale plaque

March 29, 2017

"On Wednesday, March 29, I attended the Board of Education Meeting, where several awards were given for participation in the 2017 Super Bowl Hoagie Sale. I was honored to accept a plaque on behalf of Washington Township for the “Changing Our World (COW) Project” with Councilwoman Angela Donato. Several others were honored, including local businesses who went above and beyond, knowing the hoagie sale would support local families in need. Thank you to all who participated. I am happy to do anything I can to support those in need and I am proud of the many people who give their time for community service."  -Mayor Gattinelli

March 25, 2017

"I had the pleasure of attending the Physical Fitness Tests for the Police Academy. There were over 220 applicants registered for the physical test on March 25, 2017. I was happy to see so many individuals meet the current Washington Township Police Department hiring standards who applied to take the test. This is an extremely competitive field and some of the physical events included the maximum number of push-ups in one minute, maximum number of sit-ups in one minute, vertical jump, 300-meter run, and the 1.5 mile run. The Police Department staffed this event with approximately 20 officers. This event gave me more insight into the testing process and I am very proud of our Police Department’s dedication to excellence preparing these applicants in what it takes to be a police officer." -Mayor Gattinelli
Police Physical Fitness 4
Police Physical Fitness
Police Physical Fitness 2
Police Physical Fitness 3

March 25, 2017

"An initiative I am very happy that has been taking place for years now is the Mother’s Cupboard. They help families in need with food and essentials. On Saturday, March 25, Bottelli’s ShopRite hosted a Mother’s Cupboard event to collect canned goods from generous shoppers. I was happy to contribute a bag full of canned goods and would like to thank the many others who also contributed." -Mayor Gattinelli

March 25, 2017

Mayor Gattinelli, Councilwoman Angela Donato, and Chamber of Commerce President Maureen Pasternak were happy to attend the Grand Opening for Champion Martial Arts, located on 309 Fries Mill Road in Sewell. They had the privilege of meeting the co-owner and head instructor, Sensei Preston Conyers. We are always happy and willing to welcome new businesses to our town. Our community is fortunate enough to have this right here in Washington Township. We would like to wish Champion Martial Arts a lot of success now and in the future.

Champion Martial Arts

March 11, 2017

"On Saturday, March 11, 2017, I attended a fantastic event called the Mother’s Day Project. This project was hosted by the Lauren Rose Albert Foundation Board Members and Mothers Matter Committee Members.  The Lauren Rose Albert Foundation touches the lives of thousands of women each year. I was so happy to be a part of this heartening ceremony, which honored mothers everywhere. Volunteers assembled 2,500 gift bags for mothers who need extra help in their lives. The volunteers take time out of their busy schedules to help these mothers who are struggling in difficult situations.  I would like to thank their passionate founder, Susan Rose, their dedicated Board and Committee Members, and the wonderful volunteers for their efforts and time spent organizing this program. Being a mother myself, this Foundation truly inspires me and warms my heart.  For additional information about this Foundation and this event, please visit the Mothers Matter website: www.mothersmatter.org."  -Mayor Gattinelli
Mothers Matter Ribbon Cutting
Mothers Matter celebrates 17th years of helping women
Mothers Matter Committee Members

March 2, 2017

Mayor Gattinelli, Business Administrator, Jason Gonter, and Chief Patrick Gurcsik were fortunate enough to attend Ms. Ahn's 5th grade classroom, Room 112, of the Thomas Jefferson Elementary School in Washington Township. To kick off Dr. Seuss's birthday and Read Across America, the Mayor sat with the class and read the book, "Clark the Shark".

The students of the classroom also took advantage of the opportunity to ask Mayor Gattinelli many different questions about being the Mayor. Not only did the kids have a great time, but we thoroughly enjoyed our time with the students and teachers to encourage and support Read Across America.
Class 2
Group 1
Classroom 1
Reading 2

February 22, 2017

"Andrew Nichols was sworn in as our newest police officer, on February 22, replacing one of our officers who retired in 2016. I have been working with Chief Gurcsik to ensure our new full-time patrolman was the right fit for our team. Andrew Nichols is originally from Korea and came to the United States in 1992. Now 26 years old, Andrew graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree from Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ and applied for a position with Washington Township in 2015. He graduated from the Police Academy in 2016 with the #1 ranking in Firearms, #2 ranking in Academics, and #3 ranking in Physical Fitness. He started working as a part-time Special Law Enforcement Officer in March of 2016 and we now welcome him as a full-time patrolman. I am very proud of our Police Department and their commitment to the Township, and happy to welcome Officer Andrew Nichols to our team." -Mayor Gattinelli

(Officer Andrew Nichols being sworn in by Mayor Gattinelli with his parents and Chief Gurcsik)

Andrew Nichols

(Women of Mothers Matter, led by Susan Rose [far right] pictured with Mayor Gattinelli and Administrative Assistant, Megan Tahan)

Mothers Matter

February 22, 2017

From Mayor Gattinelli:

"On Wednesday, February 22, I had the pleasure of visiting the 'Mothers Matter: Lauren Rose Albert Foundation', where President Susan Rose showed us the beautiful gift bags, professional clothing, and more, which the Foundation puts together to help mothers feel special in times of difficulty. The time and passion they put into this work is motivating, and they also expressed how volunteers from the community have helped make a difference. Mothers Matter has been in Washington Township for 17 years and we are proud to continue partnering with them to make a difference."

February 21, 2017

"On Tuesday, February 21, I participated in the Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Miracle-Ear. Their new store is located at 245 Fries Mill Road in Turnersville, NJ, where they specialize in custom hearing solutions that are designed to be comfortable and discreet. The employees are very enthusiastic about their Mission, which is, “To transform lives with our invisible and nearly invisible hearing products to help our customers hear and live more fully.” We wish them lots of success in their endeavors and welcome them to our Washington Township business family." -Mayor Gattinelli

Miracle Ear

February 8, 2017

From Mayor Gattinelli;  "I was pleased to attend the official ground breaking ceremony for the new Kadar Orthodontics Facility on Egg Harbor Road on February 8. Joining Dr. Tom Kadar and his family were Bob Timmons of the Washington Township Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Kadar’s staff and members of the media. Dr. Kadar is moving his offices from his former location on Hurfville-Cross Keys Road to this new facility which will be a “Green Friendly” building once constructed. Dr. Kadar also volunteers his time and efforts to various Township organizations. We wish Dr. Kadar and his staff good luck and much success at his new location. We also appreciate Dr. Kadar keeping his medical practice in Washington Township as business retention remains a top priority of my administration."

kadar 1
kadar 2
kadar 3

February 2, 2017

Rose Elentrio turned 100 on February 2 
Kate Galtman turned 100 last October 10th.

Mayor Gattinelli attended a birthday party at the Washington Township Senior Center last Thursday and brought individual cakes for each woman that were donated by Bottino's ShopRite in Sewell. The Mayor made time to meet with each woman and congratulate them on their 100th birthday.
Rose and Kate Birthday Party
Rose Birthday 1
Rose Birthday 2
Kate G Birthday 2
Kate G Birthday 1

February 1, 2017

Mayor Joann Gattinelli and Chief Gurcsik were proud to be invited to the official grand opening of Amalfi Pizzeria & Ristorante on Wednesday February 1st.  They are located at 201 Egg Harbor Rd. in Sewell, NJ. 
picture amalfi 3
picture amalfi 4
picture amalfi 1
picture amalfi 2