Where do I go to apply for an inspection and what is the cost?
The Housing Inspection Office is within the Construction office, located in the Municipal Building, at 523 Egg Harbor Road. The cost for a resale inspection is $70. You have the option of downloading the application online and when your application is complete, submit it with the fee and the office assistant will schedule an inspection day.

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1. What is a housing inspection and when & why do I have to have my home inspected?
2. What exactly is the inspector looking for?
3. Where do I go to apply for an inspection and what is the cost?
4. Do I have to submit the application or can my real estate agent handle it?
5. Can I schedule my inspection for anytime?
6. Does anyone have to be home for the inspection?
7. What if work was done to my home without obtaining a permit?
8. How would I know if I passed my inspection?
9. Do I have to pay another fee for my reinspection?
10. I failed for a tripping hazard, what’s that?
11. The inspector noted on the inspection report that a truss was cut. What is a truss and why is that so important?
12. I am a landlord and my unit failed for items that passed last year, how can that be?
13. I am a tenant and I am having a dispute with my landlord. Is that something your department can help me with?
14. What is a T.C.O.?