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1. What is a housing inspection and when & why do I have to have my home inspected?
2. What exactly is the inspector looking for?
3. Where do I go to apply for an inspection and what is the cost?
4. Do I have to submit the application or can my real estate agent handle it?
5. Can I schedule my inspection for anytime?
6. Does anyone have to be home for the inspection?
7. What if work was done to my home without obtaining a permit?
8. How would I know if I passed my inspection?
9. Do I have to pay another fee for my reinspection?
10. I failed for a tripping hazard, what’s that?
11. The inspector noted on the inspection report that a truss was cut. What is a truss and why is that so important?
12. I am a landlord and my unit failed for items that passed last year, how can that be?
13. I am a tenant and I am having a dispute with my landlord. Is that something your department can help me with?
14. What is a T.C.O.?