Effective April 1st, the Washington Township Assessor's Office will now be located at the Gloucester County Assessor's Office at 1200 N. Delsea Drive, Clayton, NJ.


Telephone:  856-307-6445


For tax appeals, you can contact the Gloucester County Board of Taxation, also located at the Clayton office.


Telephone:  856-307-6448


Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm for the Tax Collector

Summer Hours (Memorial Day thru Labor Day) Mon - Wed 8am-5pm, Closed Friday

Frequently Asked Questions

To search the Township Tax Assessment Records, click here.

To search the Township Tax Maps, use the Gloucester County map site.



The 2012 Tax Rate $5.30 per $100 Assessed value.  The 2012 Ratio is 52.87%.

The Tax Assessor’s Office is responsible for maintaining property assessments. The assessment of your property is based on the market value and is done on a mass appraisal approach.  We use a price per square foot to calculate the value uniformily throughout the Township according to the quality of construction and amenties that are included with the structure.    

If you are applying to the Planning Board or the Zoning Board of Adjustment, you may need a certified list of property owners within a 200’ radius of your property. The Assessor’s Office prepares and certifies that list. This usually takes one to two business days to prepare and costs $10. The property owner can request the information by telephone at 856-589-0520, extension 222, in person at the Township Building, or by mail sent to the Tax Assessor's Office, PO Box 1106, Turnersville, New Jersey, 08012.  There is a 200' Request Form you can complete to assist in your request.  The $10 fee is payable upon when you pick up of the list. 


The Clerk's Office is responsible for accepting applications for Property Tax Abatement for Commercial/Industrial properties, as well as collects the $25 filing fee. The Assessor reviews the application for completeness, estimates the assessed value and the in-lieu of payments. The Assessor then forwards the application to the Economic Development Board and the Governing Body. If the project or improvements meet the program requirements and obtains the recommendation of the Economic Development Board, the Township Council discusses the abatement as an agenda item.  If approved, an Ordinance setting the conditions of the approval is enacted.  The Tax Abatement Program is for commercial/industrial projects, and if approved under the Tax Abatement Program, the property would pay “in lieu of” taxes on the building portion as follows:

1st year 0% of regular taxes
2nd year 20% of regular taxes
3rd year 40% of regular taxes
4th year 60% of regular taxes
5th year 80% of regular taxes

A copy of the Township Tax Abatement Ordinance can be shown by clicking here.



Property Tax Deduction and Exemption Information
Supplemental Income Statement
Exemptions for Charitable Organizations



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