Public Record Request - OPRA
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On March 20, 2020, Governor Murphy took action modifying the deadline by which public agency is required to respond to requests for government records during a period of emergency. 

Please see NJ Bill A-3849/S-2302. Page 5, line 30 reads:
During a period declared pursuant to the laws of this State as a state of emergency, public health emergency, or state of local disaster emergency, the deadlines by which to respond to a request for, or grant or deny access to, a government record under paragraph (1) of this subsection or subsection e. of this section shall not apply, provided, however, that the custodian of a government record shall make a reasonable effort, as the circumstances permit, to respond to a request for access to a government record within seven business days or as soon as possible thereafter.

Open public Records Act - Request Form

What is OPRA?

OPRA is a New Jersey statute that governs the public’s access to government records in New Jersey. The Open Public Records Act (OPRA) was enacted in order to:

  • Expand the public’s right of access to government records;
  • Create an administrative appeals process if access is denied; and
  • Define what records are and are not “government records”.
    • Generally stated, a “government record” means any record that has been made, maintained, or kept on file in the course of official business, or that has been received in the course of official business.
  • Note: not all government records are subject to OPRA. Some government records that are subject to OPRA may be redacted

How do I make a request?

Anyone can make an OPRA Request. Please read A Citizen’s Guide to the Open Public Records Act before submitting your request. Washington Township will make all attempts to respond in a timely matter. To make a request fill out this form and submit it to the Clerk's Office via email, mail, or deliver in person.