Bike Share Program
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Thanks to the generosity of Jefferson Health, Washington Township was donated ten bikes to share. Through the program, community members can reserve a free bike to enjoy by using the smartphone application, Movatic. Ten bikes are available for riders 18 and older to rent — daily from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. — at a kiosk near the ranger’s station and concession stand.

Movatic is a free app available for android and Iphone, the app requires a credit card but is free to use. Downloading takes a few seconds and then a couple minutes to set up your profile. The app will track your ride! Once you download the app, you would scan the bike you are going to use and then you will have ten seconds to remove before the bike locks in place again. Once your ride is complete the bikes must be returned to the docking station. We urge you to please make sure the bikes are completely secured when you are finished using them.  The app has alot of features such as tracking your ride to let you know the distance you traveled and also an ability to reserve the bike from anywhere within the park. "Let’s say you stop to do something else, like visit the playground with your kids. You can reserve the bike using the movatics app so someone else can’t take it for a ride!"

“You just download the app, come out to the park, scan the bike and take it for a ride,” Mayor Gattinelli said at the special ribbon-cutting ceremony. “We encourage everyone to come out and enjoy the park with friends and family.”

Thank you Jefferson Health!