Firearms Applications
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The Washington Township Police Department Firearms Investigation Unit assists residents with the application, processing, and registration of firearms.  The contact person for the Unit is Robert Ruh, who can be reached at (856)589-0330 ext. 1074 or via email at .

The NJSP is announcing the statewide activation of the Firearms Application and Registration System (FARS).  Our Police Department will be implementing the on-line program on April 1, 2019.  All necessary information needed to apply is listed below.

Step #1: Visit the website--

Step #2
: When you log on, you must enter the Washington Township Police Department’s ORI#:  NJ0081800

Step #3
: Complete the online application.  Use your “official name”.  You may complete the application using a smartphone, mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer. 
When deciding on how many permits you would like to get, remember:

           a.     One permit is required for each handgun you wish to purchase ($2.00 each)
           b.     You can purchase one handgun every 30 days
           c.     Permits are good for up to 180 days (must be renewed after 90 days)

Step #4
: You will need to submit payment at our Police Department for your ID card, and if applicable your permits.  Check or Money Order only.  ID cards are $5.00 and Permits are $2.00 each.

*You will be receiving automated email updates throughout this new process.

*Once the application is complete, you will be notified by a station representative to come and pick up your ID card and/or pistol purchase permits.

*Please advise your references that the FARS system will email them the reference questions to be answered.  Your references can complete the questions using a smartphone, mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer.  Advise them to complete the questionnaire as quickly as possible in order to not hold up the progress of your application.

*The on-line application is applicant driven.  Please ensure that you have entered the best phone number and email for yourself and your references.   

The New Jersey State Police website provides information on New Jersey firearms laws, transportation of firearms, and frequently asked questions. Visit