Yard Waste
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Yard WasteFor Fall loose leaf pick up information please click here.

In order for your trash to be picked up: Trash, Recycling and Yard Debris MUST BE SEPARATED into properly designated cans! Failure to do so can result in your waste not being picked up. 

Brush, Wood & Christmas Trees 
Brush and untreated wood are collected separately and recycled. Brush, such as tree limbs and branches, should be cut up into 4-foot sections and tied into manageable portions. Branches may also be placed loose in containers under 50lbs. Wood that has not been treated such as plywood and 2 x 4's without stains or paint are collected with brush. These materials should be placed a few feet away from trash.

Christmas trees are to be placed at the curb without plastic bags.
Grass Clippings
Grass is to be bagged or put in a container and separated from trash. If in a container, we ask them to be labeled "grass". Please do not mix grass with trash. Grass clippings are collected separately and recycled are year long.

Leaves are to be raked loose to the curb according to the dates on the Leaf Schedule. Leaves can also be bagged or put in a labeled container at any time and placed out by the curb the day after  your trash day. Please separate from trash. DO NOT rake leaves into the storm sewers. It is a violation of the State DEP Storm Water Management Laws.