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We're back with another #0WasteWednesday! Glass jars are your zero waste friend and even better, they are free! 

Stop recycling your glass jars, and save them for re-use. Rescue glass jars out of your friend’s recycling bin. Rescue glass jars from café and restaurant recycling bins (this is where I scored all of my big 2 liter glass jars). Ask on your local Buy Nothing group, or zero waste/sustainable living Facebook Group. Put an ad on Gumtree or Craigslist asking for free jars.

Once you have your glass jar collection, use them for everything! They can be taken to the bulk store to buy ingredients without packaging, if this is an option for you. They can be used for food storage – taking lunch to work, keeping cookies on the counter, organizing your pantry, storing leftovers in the fridge, and even in the freezer. (Yes, you can use them in the freezer!)

They can be used for preserving jams and chutneys. (Eventually the lids may need replacing, but most lids will last a few rounds. Use lids with the air lock pop-up button to ensure they are sealed.)

- They can be used on the go for takeaway smoothies or coffee.

- They can be used to store non-food items, like toothbrushes or pens.

- They can be used as packaging for gifts (store-bought or homemade treats, soap).

- They can be used as water glasses (I have a lovely set of Bonne Maman jars, with the wide mouths, for this purpose).

Glass jars replace so many other storage containers, and there is no need to buy a single one. If a jar breaks, there is a plentiful supply of more free glass jars almost everywhere we go.