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Dear Residents,

As you may be aware, in 2016 under the previous administration, Washington Township contracted with Gold Medal Environmental, a private trash hauler for municipal trash, recycling, and yard waste pick up.  The Township has received numerous complaints from residents about Gold Medal's failure to perform under its contract.  The Mayor, our Township Solicitor, and other officials have made it clear to Gold Medal that it's services are unacceptable to our community and our residents.

Washington Township has referred this matter to it's legal department, which has already taken action against Gold Medal.   Gold Medal is required to meet it's contractual obligations , and perform in a timely and proper manner.  Please rest assured that the Township will enforce it's rights under that contact to ensure that your trash, recyclables, and yard waste will continue to be picked up in a timely manner each and every week with Gold Medal or another company, if necessary.  The Mayor and the Township Administration will continue to monitor the situation.

Also at this time, we would like to take a moment to ask for our residents' help with a problem that has been occurring lately.  Over the past few months, there have been multiple incidents of full or partially full paint cans being put out curbside for trash collection.  Some have been in trash cans, and some have been placed inside larger bags.  The unfortunate result has been several large paint spills on our local roadways.  Once the paint hits the street and dries, it becomes nearly impossible to remove and fully clean up.   We hope that by getting information out to all of our residents about the PROPER procedure for disposing of latex paints, we can help prevent these spills before they occur.    We ask that homeowners simply open the cans of paint and add a drying agent such as cat litter or oil dry to the remaining contents in the can.  It needs to be a minimum of a 50/50 mixture.  Once the paint solidifies, the cans can be placed at the curb WITHOUT the lid and the trash company will take it.  By following this simple procedure, we can, with your help, greatly reduce the number of paint spills on our roadways.  We thank all residents for their continued help in this effort.