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Tax Collector

Can I pay my taxes with a credit card?
Yes, you can pay with credit or debit cards or have the payment deducted from your bank account through our online payment system. The banks charge a fee for this service so please make sure you check the amount you are being charged before you authorize the payment.
When are taxes due and can interest be waived?
The taxes are due February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1. There is a ten day grace period. All taxes must be received in the office by the tenth. Post marks are not accepted. Statute number 54:4-67 precludes Mayor, Council, or the Collector from waiving interest. Interest will be applied first and the remaining balance will be applied to the principal.
I paid off my mortgage, when do I get a bill to pay the remaining quarters?
Tax bills are mailed once a year, normally in July. If you received an advice copy bill, you are to use that for making payments until a new bill is mailed to you. You will not receive a new bill until the next billing cycle. Please notify the tax office so they can remove the billing code and all further bills will go directly to your home.
I just purchased my home and the bill is in the previous owner's name, when will I receive my bill?
As with the previous question, you are to use the bill in your possession. Taxes are to the property not to an individual. So no matter what the name, if the bill is for your property location, then you pay the bill.

Township Assessor

How was my assessment determined?
Tax assessments are based on the market value of your property. Direct sales comparison, cost and income approaches are used to determine market value. During a revaluation, standards are set to be applied to each neighborhood. Thereafter, the same standard is applied to all additional property or improvements that are made.
What if I disagree with my assessment?

Appeals on your assessment must be filed with the Gloucester County Board of Taxation between November 15th and January 15th of the following tax year. Forms and instructions are available from the Gloucester County Board of Taxation or the Tax Assessor’s Office. Your appeal must be based on the assessment NOT the taxes you pay. View the

Tax Court Handbook (PDF).
I paid off my mortgage, what do I need to do to have the tax bill sent to me?
You must notify the Tax Collector’s office, so that they can send the bill directly to you, rather than your mortgage company.
Do you have a survey of my property?
Generally, no, we do not keep surveys in our office; unless, if at some point you personally provided us with a copy of the survey, we would not have access to those records. The surveyor who did the original survey should have a copy or perhaps the title company that did your settlement would have a copy. Usually, no one will accept a survey that is more than 2 or 3 years old. You might have to arrange for a new survey of your property to be done
Why did my taxes go up?
The tax rate on your bill is determined by the County Board of Taxation based on budgets submitted by the Municipality, County, Schools and Fire district. Your taxes could increase yearly without your assessed value changing. This increase would be based on the “amount to be raised by taxation” in the budget. State Aid could affect this amount annually, as well.
What additions or renovations will affect my assessment?
In general, anything that will affect the overall value of your property could affect the assessment. Normally, painting, minor renovations and a new roof won’t affect your assessed value.